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This is MeoKhan, academic essay writer.

The purpose of establishing this blog is quite straightforward.

These days, I receive quite a few inquires from my clients asking me a number of things that simply tell me that other 'scam' writers are using my name to contact people from different forums where I am a member.

Via this blog, I would like to clearly establish that this is THE ONLY platform I communicate directly to my regular and potential clients and DO NOT own any email other than the one that I regularly use for my communication: meokhan2/at/g/mail/dot/com

It has all started very recently though I have had a few alerts in the recent past too. The major reason is my regular visits to different forums where I post on a number of academic-writing-related issues.

Some writers (most probably scam writers from dubious background) have tried to use my name from there and communicate to students, professionals, and other relevant clients.

What comes NOT as a surprise is that they were able to locate my social media presence; it is quite convenient to guess that by this way they were able so access contact details of a number of people connected to me.

Hence, I am sorry but I am putting all my social media portals to a private status and would not be communicating anything from there.

However, with this blog, my Google Plus page would be active for you to place any inquiries, post message, or reach me for any communication.

I repeat: I DO NOT use any other email, Facebook page, or Google+ than the ones I have already communicated.


LAST - Kindly, do confirm from me if you receive any such message. I would be obliged if you could share with me the communication you have with that person using my name libelously.


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