My Charges

"You never know what you can do till you try"-- William Cobbett.

Here I briefly outline the compensation I usually need to charge from my clients (other ToS)
  • My one page is (industry standard) 275 words, double-spaced. So, If I say I will charge you for four pages, I would mean 1100 words or more (I usually write additional words as a gesture of courtesy).
  • My regular per page charges for a paper is anything from US$25-40 per page.
  • Why I am not able to offer a clear quote is because there are quite a few dynamics that are at  play in a paper order that I may receive. The exact per page price depends mainly on some of these factors:
    • Deadline (the closer it is, the more 😫)
    • Level of study (undergrad/masters/phd)
    • Rigor of research and homework needed
  • However, I am not avaricious. I believe in hard work and  try my best to cooperate with my clients. I usually write extra words/pages free of charge as a gesture of courtesy to share the burden and sense of achievement with my valuable clients. 
  • So, you might want to reach me without a fraction of hesitation to discuss your paper. I am a friendly person, have empathy, and like to discuss things openly and transparently.
  • Should you need to discuss your paper, just drop me an email. You'd find me understanding, reliable, honest, and professional, and I would respond to you in the shortest possible time.
MSN Nursing = $40 a page (sorry but it's too demanding)
BSN Nursing = $30 a page

Drop me an email at: meokhan2[at]gmail[dot]com

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